Good old games: Defender of the Crown

Defender of the Crown is the first strategy that I played in my life. When it first appeared in 1986, on the market did not exist any other strategy games. Simply, in that time were popular platform game type like jet set willy or logical type of video games like tetris. And then turned up something really new. I remember, it lasted a full 3 minutes to load this game from my floppy disk drive on my old commodore 64 computer. My friend Larry (best regards to you if you’re reading this), got the game a week earlier and has already played a match.

defender of the crown


For those who do not know, a little introduction: The action of the game takes place in England in the 12th century. Normans just trying to conquer England. You begin the game as the Saxon player and your goal is to win the game and conquer the whole England. The same goal has 5 opponents in the game too. England territory is divided as in the risk game on the territories and in this game there are 18 of them. Some of these territories have a castle, while others do not. The goal is in the initial stage of the game to win at least three territories without a castle, in order to gain a base for the creation of a larger army. Your home territory is completely random, so that by coincidence determine the outcome of games. To win a fortress, you must be proficient with the catapult. Namely, it is necessary to dismantle the wall to be brought to the onslaught of the castle. If you were skilled enough and managed to halt ad enough of the wall, you’re left with an easier part of the job, and it’s an invasion. If you were wise to buy a sufficient number of archers and infantry, the conquest of the castle will be easy. However, when you win the castle, you have to wait a few moves as necessary to supplement the crew of a castle, because other players may try to kidnap you castle.

chivalry games
The part of this video game that was interesting were knightly games (arcade part of the game where your goal is to remove the opponent from the saddle), as well as the rescue mission of princesses. All these episodes provide the diversity of this game. In the game appears even legendary robin hood, and he will help you sometimes.
A special surprise awaits you if you succeed and win the whole England. Robin Hood will bring English crown, which he stole as Normans would not abducted it. Anyone who has read the novel Ivanhoe will be thrilled by this strategy.

Defender of the crown these days

When I showed this game a few days ago to my 8 years old son, he was not quite so enthusiastic. First he commented that the graphics are bad, and that it is not exciting. For his generation, this game does not have enough adrenaline.
For the members of my generation (1975) and older, this game is a journey into the past and happy days. this game you can play on android (costs a little less than $ 2) or online. For those who prefer the original version, you can try at one of the many emulators C64, Amiga and ZX Spectrum. When I’m at these rubber toys, a friend of mine played this game even on the Spectrum. Loading was 2 times longer than on the C64, and the graphics were horrible. However, even on this strange old plastic computer Defender of the crown had an irresistible charm.

For the end, for all of you who would like to to take a look how it look like on C64, here is the